About Rainbow

Rainbow is a one-stop b2b platform that directly connects farmers and food producers to buyers, as well integrating auxiliary services like supply chain finance, equipment rental, agricultural machinery sale, smart-farming solutions, logistics and others. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Rainbow provides direct access to global food suppliers with food origin traceability, with the aim of providing a safe environment for the users to transact transparently and directly. Farmers, food producers, food buyers, and service providers gain access to a safe, secure, and transparent tool with real-time tracking, that makes their transactions easier, efficient, and cost-effective.

Our unique Rainbow system integrates the three pillars of sustainability: Farmers, Agriculture, and Profit into a one unified solution by focusing on the co-operative method. Farmers are the base of the triple bottom line. Empowering the farmers will enhance agriculture and create profit. The growth of each cycle will enhance the growth of the others. Farmers and their co-operatives are the supporters of our natural resources.

What Makes Rainbow Unique?

Rainbow empowers the farmers by providing them with their own transparent marketplace and unique ecosystem.

children raise fund


Rainbow helps on improving the agricultural practices, and as a result, it increases the farmers productivity by providing them with indispensable tools such as access to trade finance to improve their cash flow, access to professional certification for their products, as well as facilitating their required agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and more.

Generating more Profit will improve the lives of Farmers and will help in reducing poverty and improving their lives and their children lives.

The challenge is always for the smaller farmers to be able to sell their products, without the influence and sometimes the price manipulation of third-Party buyers, thus preventing them from getting fair prices for their agricultural products and their hard work by selling directly to consumers.

With our Rainbow co-operative system, it is the small farmers who are operating in challenging neighborhoods that achieve this triple bottom line.

Rainbow Farmer’s Children Fund

children raise fund

Rainbow adheres to its Triple Bottom Line and successfully integrates the three pillars of sustainability, binding Farmers, Agriculture and Profit into one unified solution. To this end, part of Rainbow’s profits are dedicated to Rainbow Farmer’s Children Fund that focuses on empowering children through education.